Testimonials from Head Teachers

The thought put into these bags has also enhanced all the children’s key skills; lovely reading books for them to keep; number activities in a fun way; so that they can benefit from learning through play, at a time when many are playing ‘catch up’ in learning, after the recent lockdown. This is why your team’s creativity is so treasured by so many local schools and their grateful staff.

Rob Hughes St Mary of the Angels

Our children’s comments show how helpful the bags have been to the families in creating opportunities for families to come together for new, shared experiences even during a pandemic that has shut down lots of the usual opportunities for the families. A common theme was how nice it was to share with a sibling and how it was good chill out time. The cooking was obviously a big hit: the chance to try something new while also creating quality time with the parents was clear from all the children.

Kevin Manning Headteacher Elton Primary

Testimonials from Children

(Elton Children)

N (boy) said he really enjoyed doing the activities at home – he usually sat with his sister to make things. He said his favourite activity was the cooking pasta week as he got to cook for the first time and he got to spend time doing it with his mum.

O (girl) said she really loved the bags. She said she particularly enjoyed carving a pumpkin. She said there was always lots of stuff to do and it stopped you being bored at home. She said she really enjoyed the fact that the activities were things she could do with her whole family.

B (girl) said she the pasta activity was brilliant. It was an activity that mum, dad and her brother all joined in with and they got to eat the pasta together for the evening meal. B said her and her brother really enjoyed the book they got about the human body and loved reading it together.

L (girl) said she loved playing the games with the family and making things with her sister. She said it was “chill time” for her when she could just relax and make things. She also said the cooking activity with mum was great too.

“The children are so excited every week to receive a bag. One child in particular counts down the days to Wednesday.”

Headteacher St Clare’s

A (Girl) – I love that I get things to play with. We got cards and me and sister played a game with them last night.

C (Girl) – We got a tennis ball and it meant I was able to play with my cat outside as we don’t have any balls at home. I also love the books as I love reading and don’t have many books at home.

L (Boy) – Once, I got some seeds for the birds so we all went out together and fed the birds.

C (Boy) – I enjoy all the toy/games we get but the slime was the best as my mum never buys me this.

J (Boy) – I loved getting my own mug as I have a cup of tea in it and hot chocolate.

R (Boy) – I like the activities and the sheets that they give us. My favourite was the bug catcher one as I love anything to do with nature.