Funding Us

A Little Thank You!

We are truly grateful to all our wonderful supporters, who enable us to continue and grow our service to children in our local communities.

We consider ourselves very fortunate to count on the support of the following organisations, who have made the most incredible difference to our team and our work. A heartfelt thank you to everyone of you.

A Special Thank You

A special thank you for the continued support that we receive from the Steve Morgan Foundation.

Help Us to Make a Difference

Passion for Learning is looking to provide the children with as many resources and experiences as possible. Many of our children lack enrichment in their home environment and one of our aims is to make children curious about their world and eager to learn. Our resources are bespoke to the needs of the child and we work to encourage their own interests and use their motivations to give them a reason to read and learn.

Schools use some of their income to help fund the cost of retaining a volunteer but increasingly schools’ funds are being used for core business. Children with challenges that undoubtedly impact on their chances of becoming literate and achieving in line with peer expectations are falling further behind. Increasingly Passion for Learning is forced to look elsewhere to supplement income and ensure that the quality of service that we are committed to giving is maintained.

How Do We Use Our Income?

Our one to one volunteer sessions and Enrichment Clubs are our core business. We aim to enlist the help of the highest quality of volunteer support available. That said, we are committed to establishing a diverse and inclusive Volunteer Team of community volunteers. The process of developing a resilient team with strong retention figures is key to our success.

  • Newspaper advertising
  • Advertising in local community magazines
  • Leaflets in local community facilities
  • Recruitment Days in libraries and other community buildings
  • Volunteer Open Days
  • University volunteer Fairs
  • Partnerships with local companies to utilise their workforce
  • Volunteer associations (CWVA, CVSCE)

Once a volunteer approaches us we arrange to see them individually to ensure that they have the skills and commitment to support the children. We then pay for every volunteer to have a DBS check and send for references.