Miriam Gilmore

Enrichment Team Support

I joined PFL back in 2017 as an intern looking for work experience to compliment my undergraduate degree in Counselling skills with Drama and theatre studies. As part of the placement, I was able to get involved in all aspects of the charity’s work. This included, assisting in report writing, measuring our impact and face-to-face supervision with enrichment club children.


Once my university course concluded, I moved away. However, I always had the intention to return to Cheshire and stay in contact with the Passion for Learning team. In the Summer of 2019, I did just that and returned to work for the charity, first assisting with a summer club run in Ellesmere Port called ‘All About the Kids’.


Now my role within the organisation is very varied. I assist with many different projects, such as Enrichment Club in a bag, as well as continue to measure our impact. During the pandemic as we have grown as an organisation, I have led the development of a new data management system, something which will improve the efficiency of our work and ultimately increase the number of children and families we reach.


The qualification I am currently undertaking is in Play Therapy, which is an area I am very interested in, and I feel it compliments my work here at Passion for Learning. I am very passionate about improving the mental health of our children.