Our Covid Response 2020/2021

Our Covid Response 2020/2021

At the start of the Covid 19 global pandemic, Passion for Learning was faced with many challenges. Many, we had to embrace and design new innovative projects to assist the community we care so much about.

What did we do?

We listened to what was needed in the community and educational sector throughout Cheshire. We took the opportunity to grow our charity, develop our business and also create new projects. Our flagship pandemic project was ‘Share a Smile’.

Share a Smile Project

Learning Bags for Families working at home

Support with numeracy put together with the help of our Education Consultant some of which supported travelling families unwilling to return to school after the first lockdown.

Bags ready for distribution to families working at home after the Northwich floods.

Online Training

Throughout the pandemic we have been unable to see our volunteers, but we have been able to train/re-train 132 volunteers using zoom. Increased time for our Volunteer Support Workers will enable the recruitment campaign that we now need to undertake to service the many new partnerships established in this school year.

Zoom has also enabled us to provide online support for our children, re-connecting them with their volunteers to the great delight of both parties. Wonderful bags of resources have been put together in duplicate to allow the children and their volunteers to share the same experiences that they used to enjoy in person.

Enhancing Passion for Learning

A happy team in our new offices.

The project drew upon the services of an architect who assessed potential office space and designed the space around our needs. The architect also recommended a team that helped us with the move and also procured office furniture for the new premises all free of charge.

Plenty of space for planning and packing the 600 bags a week that we are currently distributing.

Our enhanced website and You tube channel are now live to visit.