July 2021

7th of July

Kicking off this month is our big birthday bash at Lache primary school! The air was electric as 700 kids came out in their bubbles to enjoy a day filled with dancing electric dogs, paint bikes and hook a duck!

A large component of the day came in thanks to the Cheshire and Cheshire west green initiative fund which allowed Passion for Learning to acquire an electric car! This will be incredibly helpful for future ventures, but for this event it provided the perfect spring board to pique the children interests in renewable energy and electricity.

The car was based near the STEM tent, and alongside this, they were able to experience VR and build a light system!

Alongside the STEM tent was the creative tent, where the children could get messy and explore different ways of creating art! One of those ways being a bike which spun paint on a record, creating an individual art piece for each child!

All of this was kicked off by Jacob talking the children through career options, that paired with the ability to experience some of the different disciplines allowed the kids to have a fun day – despite the rain!

Each child at the end of their session got an ice cream to round off a jam packed day!