Enrichment Club

Our Enrichment Clubs reach children and families who benefit from and welcome social and educational activities outside of the school day. Our passion is to inspire the child’s desire to  develop and flourish. Drawing upon the children’s own ideas, interests and hopes, the sessions offer an abundance of experiences within a safe haven of nurture, play and positive attention, each week for an hour after school.

Pre-Covid all the Clubs began by offering the children a healthy meal, which they helped to prepare, providing a vehicle to introduce new foods and links with other cultures to broaden the children’s understanding of the wider world.

Importantly, meals are a social occasion where conversation flourishes, children exchange ideas and enjoy the company of their peers and volunteers. From April 2021 we are still providing the children with the same opportunity to sit and chat together at the start of sessions and are providing an individual healthy snack and drink. This will continue until such a time that it is safe to prepare food together once again.

Enrichment sessions are themed and make connections with national or international events e.g. the World Cup, the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landings and even ‘Brexit’ to explore the concept of democracy. Our aim is to connect the children to their world both locally and globally to expand their horizons and understanding of what is possible. The children play games, make crafts, enjoy books and spend time with volunteers to encourage their confidence, knowledge and skills.

The Clubs introduce specific activities with professionals e.g. bakery, sports, science and animals, to deepen the enriching impact of our work.

We’ve established several links with businesses in our community to sponsor the Enrichment Clubs, creating valuable connections between employers and their potential future workforce. Children have enjoyed trips to local businesses including Virgin Money, the Regatta Distribution Centre and the office of Sykes Cottages. We bring the world of work to children in fun and inspiring ways, also introducing the children to painting, tiling, travel and tourism, mechanical engineering, research and development, financial services and much more.

Due to Covid restrictions and the closure of schools we had to adapt our approach to Enrichment Clubs and from November 2020 to April 2021 we devised a ‘Club in a Bag’. This encompassed our same passions and determination to provide children with fun and exciting activities and resources ‘in a bag’ which they were able to engage with at home, often with other family members.


We also provided a ‘Meal in a bag’ once a term for each school, which contained an easy recipe and all the ingredients, which allowed families to prepare and cook meals together, something that drew upon the importance of mealtime which we recognised in our Enrichment Clubs. We provided this for approximately 550 children per week in 22 schools across West Cheshire.

The Enrichment Team are:

Enrichment Team Manager: Beth McJury

Enrichment Club Supervisor: Jan Cavanagh

Enrichment Club Supervisor: Lorraine Mickleson

Enrichment Club Supervisor: Julia Pyke


We would love you to join our volunteering team!

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