Assessment Results


The Social and Emotional Assessment Tool results

We measure the impact we have on the lives of our children in multiple ways. One way is through the Social and Emotional Assessment Tool, designed to capture the 6 aspect of a child’s social and emotional development; Relationships – Confidence and self-esteem – Expressing themselves – Learning and understanding – Hopes and dreams – Security.

This is an example of one of our school’s Enrichment Club’s results.

The Enrichment Club consists of 9 children and was scored by the club supervisor first in May 2021, as the EC began and then again in July 2021, as the club drew to a close. 

This graph captures the collective (an average of all the children’s scores) percentage improvement across all measured areas. The greatest level of improvement can be seen in the Expressing Themselves measurement area, with a percentage increase of 41% from the collective children’s first score and their second score, after taking part in the Enrichment Club. 

We hope to see an improvement in all 6 areas as a result of attending our Enrichment Club.