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   Registered as a community Interest company limited by shares in England and Wales No. 07731398.

   Passion for Learning


                                         A community interest company


Many children and young people have significant challenges in their
personal life that can impact on their motivation and ability to learn.
Passion for Learning’s volunteers are well trained to work with children
who have self-esteem and confidence issues that can critically affect
their achievement levels.  
We are currently working with over 100 children aged from 3-11 years
whose circumstances include

 Young carers and children with serious illness in the family
 Children of offenders serving a prison term
 Children in families affected by Domestic Violence
 Children with long term illnesses or conditions
 Children with parents serving in the armed services
 Children in troubled families
 Children in care or at risk
 Children with siblings with disabilities
Even most the vulnerable and troubled children can thrive
with the right 1:1 support. Passion for Learning offers an experienced
and professional volunteer service at an affordable price.
Our volunteers come into school twice a week for one
and a half hours and usually work 1:1 with three children. The volunteers
see the same children on both occasions so each child can be supported
for up to an hour a week. Volunteers are trained to understand how to
motivate children to want to learn and achieve. All our volunteers are
well-resourced and have practical ideas and strategies
to engage children and involve them in their own learning.

We know that children need consistency and reliability so our
recruitment process emphasises the need for volunteers to stay
for at least a year and be a predictable presence in the child’s
school life.

Our work has a strong element of responsible befriending and we
see enjoyment as key to the success of our work. Our volunteers
provide vulnerable children with time to enjoy the exclusive
attention of an adult who has chosen to spend time with them. The
element of choice on both sides is a powerful part of the success
of a productive relationship. At the outset we want to work with the
school to identify key developments for that child to inform the work
that we do.

Every Volunteer Tutor has a support worker who will visit them to
observe their work, provide practical ideas and ensure that they
have the right resources to engage each individual child. The
support workers also provide a first point of contact for good school
liaison to ensure that we work in partnership to provide the best
outcomes for the children.