Passion for Learning C.I.C |D2, Stanlaw Abbey Business Centre |Dover Drive|Ellesmere Port, CH65 9BF 
   Registered as a community Interest company limited by shares in England and Wales No. 07731398.

   Passion for Learning


                                         A community interest company

Literacy is a key skill for progress and achievement

We work to give children a reason to read in

practical enjoyable ways that stem from their interests and have

relevance to their worlds. Our volunteers have specific training to

help them to develop the skills and competencies that the children require to become sophisticated for readers.  

Our aim is to promote a love of reading together with the skills needed

to become a confident, independent reader.

More able children

Increasingly Ofsted are commenting on the provision that schools make to stretch their most able children. Some of our volunteers work with the most able children to ensure that they get the opportunity to fulfil their potential as high level readers. Not every able child has the opportunities that they require to reach the level that they are capable of so we provide a volunteer with the time to broaden their horizons, awaken their ambition and feed their thirst for knowledge whatever their current stage of development and achievement.